FREE Personalized Phone Calls from Santa!


  There are many reasons why I love Christmas, but none more than it just so happens to be the one time of year that I can threaten my children with a call to Santa whenever they’re being naughty…hey, whatever works! While calls to and from Santa work magic to keep my kids in line […]

How Do You Get Over the Loss of a Parent?


  If we’re friends on Facebook, then you may know that I lost my father to terminal cancer in July.  I can’t tell you how many times I attempted to write a post about it and every time, halfway through, I just could not continue.  While I don’t wish to go into detail, I will […]

4 Printable Kids Thanksgiving Placemats…Super Cute and SO Much Fun for Thanksgiving!


  Thanksgiving is mere days away and if you’re planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house, like I am, then you’re probably racking your brain trying to think of ways to make it special and fun for everyone!  While all of the adults who come to Thanksgiving at my house usually come prepared to […]

#Win a Fandango Gift Card and Start a Holiday Tradition Today…On Me!


  Growing up our family had big Thanksgiving get-togethers, every year it seemed to be at a different family members house and coming from such a big family I remember them always being so much fun with all of the food, family and just time spent together.  While the days of those big family dinners […]



I love Ellen and seeing her use her celebrity for good, is just one more reason why I’ve always been such a big fan! This holiday season, Duracell is pledging to donate up to one million batteries to Toys for Tots. For every eligible pack of batteries bought, a battery will be donated – powering […]

Is Thanksgiving Turning Into Just The Big Meal Before Black Friday and Does Generation Y Really Prefer To-furkey?


  I rarely post infographics, mostly because they bring nothing worth posting to the table, but I found this one about Thanksgiving dinner (and what different generations prefer….for instance, did you know that Generation Y dislikes turkey?  yeah, me either) and the shopping habits and mixed feelings about Thanksgiving becoming just one big meal to […]

The Thankful Tree The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpice!


  OK, so, I work nights as a sales and customer service specialist (which is just a fancy way of saying I answer the phones and listen to people complain about things that they didn’t receive) and I love my job, no honestly, I do, but when you work late nights, sometimes it can be […]

Do You Black Friday or Don’t You Black Friday?


I’ll admit it, I’ve never been much on Black Friday shopping;  waking up early, waiting in the freezing ass cold for hours on end, only to be trampled on and have some shit (that I probably wasn’t going to buy anyway, but since it was such an awesome deal, decided to waste my money on) […]

Easy Holiday Hairstyles for Kids From Cozy Friedman


    Looking for cute holiday hair styles for the little girl in your life?  Look no further, check out these adorable holiday hairstyles for kids, I can just see Lil Diva with the French Braid Headband for Christmas dinner…LOVE IT! With holidays on the horizon, you and your brood have plenty of parties to […]

FREE Frozen Turkey at BJ’s Wholesale Club Through Nov.13 & Free 60-day Trial Membership


  I know it seems like Halloween was just the other day (um, mainly because it was LOL), but it’s already time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  While some of y’all may be groaning and moaning at the mere thought of Thanksgiving dinner (and the impending holiday shopping, decorating and parties that follow), it’s my favorite […]