Cocktail Recipes [Infographic]!


It’s New Year’s Eve, and that means that my entire day will be spent cooking and discouraging my children from killing each other with the cowboy guns and Nerf swords that they received for Christmas (thanks Papaw Roger)!  Since I’m a little behind today (thanks to the freak blackout that left me without power (and […]

Kid Friendly Mocktail Recipes {Perfect for New Year’s Eve}!

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the holiday season—I know we most certainly had a great Christmas!  Even though we’re still recuperating from Christmas at my house, I am thinking ahead to this coming weekend and New Year’s Eve!  Every year my husband and I throw a New Year’s Eve party at our […]

5 Chex Mix Recipes You’ve Never Tried!

A couple of months ago I participated in a My Blog Spark campaign, over on Misadventures, for Chex!  As part of my review I got to mix up a few batches of Chex Mix to share at a kickass party that we had thanks to MBS!  While trying to find a a few different Chex […]

MTV’s Teen Mom 2: Does the Show Make Teen Parenting Look Glamorous?

I was watching Teen Mom 2 tonight, like I do most Tuesdays, when I noticed that a few of my Facebook friends were discussing the current episode. The original poster, my sister-in-law Mistie, began the conversation by talking about how hard it was for her to watch Teen Mom Leah, go through a situation very […]

Is Believing in Santa an Option? Not Letting Your Child Believe in Santa!

I was sitting at my computer tonight wondering what in the world I was going to blog about and then I land on the front page of Yahoo and a story about a Santa-less Christmas for young Justin Bieber—thank you Yahoo gods, you just so totally saved my ass!Seriously though, I have been planning on […]

Kardashian Family Christmas Card 2011 in 3D…Yes, Really!

I love reality TV, really I do, and while I don’t normally watch the Kardashian’s (because come on, even Rock of Love wasn’t that big of a train wreck) I happened upon the front page of Yahoo a little while ago (and by the way, big kudos to Yahoo for providing lots of blog fodder […]

 When you’re a mom there are just certain things that you know; that even if you make the kids use the potty twice before leaving the house someone will always still have to go, that no matter what condition you add to the words, “maybe” your kids are going to insist that it means yes, […]

Kids Today Have It Made!

I was hanging out on Facebook the other night, it’s where I tend to spend a lot of time online, and I came across this post by one of my friends and it SO applies to me, and anyone over 30 with children really, so I thought I’d share!  You’re welcome! When I was a […]


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5 Creative Christmas Tree Themes!

I am completely obsessed with having the perfect Christmas tree; I look back on all of the amazingly decorated trees that my mother displayed year after year and wonder when my tree is going to be as breathtaking as any one of hers has been.  This year I decided to get a little inspiration and […]