FREE Personalized Phone Calls from Santa!

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There are many reasons why I love Christmas, but none more than it just so happens to be the one time of year that I can threaten my children with a call to Santa whenever they’re being naughty…hey, whatever works!

While calls to and from Santa work magic to keep my kids in line this time of year, I do also love seeing their little faces light up with excitement and awe when they receive a call from (or can make a call to) Santa to tell them how good they’ve been all year.  If your little ones love hearing from Santa as much as mine do, I put together a list of some websites that offer FREE calls from Santa.  All of the calls can be personalized in one way or another so check them out and surprise your little one(S) with a call from Santa today!


You can receive up to 3 FREE calls from Santa every day and it’s super simple.  All you have to do is enter your telephone number, choose which Santa voice you’d like, and choice of message (there are 3 options:  “You’ve been very good!”, “Be good!” and “You better watch out!”) and you get a phone call from Santa instantly. 

I don’t like that the message cannot be personalized, but it’s a quick fix if your little one needs to talk to Santa.  I will say that I tried to place three requests for calls and only one of the three went through, but since it’s not personalized, one call for several children would work. 

My Thoughts:  It’s free so I guess you can’t expect too much for free, but when there are several websites where the calls actually go through out there, I’d only use this one as a last resort as it doesn’t seem to be consistent at all.  Also Santa sounds a little creepy, but maybe that’s just me. is really easy to use as well you simply choose your child’s name from a list (the list of names is very short and doesn’t include too many unique or ununal names, neither of my youngest children’s names were on the list), the message that you’d like for your child to receive (there are several and they range from the very standard Santa message to religious in nature) and then schedule the time you’d like to have Santa call. 

My Thoughts:

Again, this website is super simple, all you do is enter your phone number and the message you’d like your child to receive (there are several to choose from) and the call is sent to your phone immediately. 

My Thoughts:  While the call isn’t personalized (beyond the messages you can choose from), it is very cute.  The Santa voice sounds exactly as a child was expect Santa to sound and I really loved the message options!  I’ll definitely use this one again!  This site was my favorite of the 4 I tried…hands down!

Cincinnati Bell Santa Holiday Hotline

If  you’re in the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky or Southeastern Indiana areas you can receive a FREE, personalized call from Santa courtesy of Cincinnati Bell.  This free service is only available to 859, 937, 513 and 812 area codes!  You can easily set up a scheduled time for Santa to call by choosing your child’s name from a list of names (again the list isn’t very long and doesn’t include that many unique names, only one of my two youngest children’s names were listed), choose the message (the message options are also lacking) and then schedule a time for Santa to call.  Very straight forward so if you’re in one of the areas I mentioned above, give it a try!

My Thoughts:  While the calls are able to be personalized, the list of names to choose from is very short and the message options are limited.  I do like that you can schedule the call to fit your needs.  My kids were a little disappointed  that Santa didn’t say their names and I only ever received one of the scheduled calls, but the one we did receive was cute. 


If you’re looking for a fun, FREE call from Santa then you should give these a try!

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