Happy 5th Birthday Lil Diva!


When you become a parent for the first time, everyone and their momma wants to give you advice, sometimes that advice is great and sometimes that advice is the worst possible advice you’ve ever been given, but if there’s one piece of advice that all veteran moms seem to give, it’s “treasure the moments (yes, […]

MTV’s Teen Mom 2: Does the Show Make Teen Parenting Look Glamorous?

I was watching Teen Mom 2 tonight, like I do most Tuesdays, when I noticed that a few of my Facebook friends were discussing the current episode. The original poster, my sister-in-law Mistie, began the conversation by talking about how hard it was for her to watch Teen Mom Leah, go through a situation very […]

Is Believing in Santa an Option? Not Letting Your Child Believe in Santa!

I was sitting at my computer tonight wondering what in the world I was going to blog about and then I land on the front page of Yahoo and a story about a Santa-less Christmas for young Justin Bieber—thank you Yahoo gods, you just so totally saved my ass!Seriously though, I have been planning on […]

Kids Today Have It Made!

I was hanging out on Facebook the other night, it’s where I tend to spend a lot of time online, and I came across this post by one of my friends and it SO applies to me, and anyone over 30 with children really, so I thought I’d share!  You’re welcome! When I was a […]